Hello there! today there’s a little surprise!Two weeks ago I started an English course, so I decide to write this week’s post in English.

I hope you’ll understand something even though my bad English. 😉

When I think about my English I remind Roberto Benigni in the movie Daunbailò (Down by law) because my pronunciation is really bad.

The movie talks about an Italian tourist (Roberto) who kill a person involuntarily (hitting his head with a pool ball, the number 8 ) and finish in prison. There he meet Zac and Jack (two real criminals), they became friends and escape the jail toghether. To get their freedom they cross a big swamp, where they found a little house and Roberto fall in love with the girl who live there and decide to stay with her.  Zac and Jack after crossing the swamp get their freedom.

(I think these are the most difficult sentences I wrote all over my life ;-))

My favourite scene of this movie is the one Roberto introduce himself saying:
“… My name is Roberto call me Bob …”. But I didn’t find it on youtube.

But don’t worry! I found some other funny scene:

(Please don’t scream for ice cream!)

Another scene:

Have you recognised the actor who pretend the role of Zac? he is Tom Waits and is even a great singer:

Vinicio Capossela, one of my favourite singer is considered the Italian Tom waits:

What do you think about?

So it has beed very hard to write this post in English, now I only want to apologize with Queen Elisabeth and all English people for my bad English and say everyone good bye.

Ciao a tutti