I got it! on Monday I passed my English oral test! they gave me the result: 91/100 so I’m very happy!

To pass the oral test I studied hard and I also watched the Full monty movie in English to improve my listening, but this is the only scene I understood without reading subtitles 😉

It was extremely difficult to understand the dialogues, because they where too fast, so I was scared, but luckily the teacher during the oral test spoke more slowly than Gaz and his friends in the movie, so the test wasn’t so difficoult.

Now I feel so English that I’m afraid even for English team defeat against Germay in the football world cup:

and not only for the one of Italian team against Slovakia:

Moreover I suppose that even my English walz is improved, (tommorow I’m going to dance, so I’ll verify 😉 ):

But the real pourpose that let me study English for 2 months is answering a QUESTION:

Dear Mr Flanagan THAT IS A FILE!

Now I’m sure you are wondering when all this celebrations for a simple exam will stop, the answer is: NOW.

Don’t worry I’ll not annoy you any more with my English, I only ask you the time for the  last celebration with the Kool and the gang:

See you next friday.

Ciao a tutti